Change, whilst uncomfortable is inevitable especially in challenging times like COVID-19. So what changes have made all the difference?


Following on from last week, here is my final blog sharing my thoughts on the opportunity you have to galvanise your team as well as your ability to find some of the best, creative ideas from someone sitting in your office (or home).

Galvanize your team with meaning

In the first weeks of COVID-19 we decided (as a people and marketing team) to find a special way or to bring to life a symbolic idea to galvanize our team.  Following a brainstorm with the team, we created a hashtag that we hoped would resonate as a beacon of hope in a seemingly dark and often frightening time. 

#wegotthis was born and it became far more than an internal beacon of hope. We were astounded by the speed in which our people and our community picked up on this symbol of strength and determination. Almost immediately people started to use it personally and without any prompting. 

We also utilised the hashtag in all of our marketing communications, be it a blog, a social media advertisement, signage, radio advertising, whatever the message, we finished with our symbol of strength #wegotthis. This is how we as an organisation decided to approach this difficult and strange time. 

Just yesterday I was in the kitchen with my Director discussing a business challenge and as always he was upbeat, he listened, he shared his thinking and when I thought he was finished, he put his hand on my shoulder and said these exact words “Dani, its ok… we got this!” 

The point is, find a symbol of truth, your own beacon of hope, strength and determination and then share it with your people and with the world.  People love a little determination, we are Aussie’s of course, no one can tell us no!  #wegotthis

Find creative inspiration from your team

A famous quote from the great Albert Einstein is “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” 

One of the things I love the most about working at Telstra Business Technology Centre Queensland South is the desire for innovation, the love of thinking outside the box and the enjoyment of being supported to bring crazy and creative ideas to life. Every great and ‘absurd’ idea usually starts from a sprinkle or a spark of a simple idea that can be built upon and often it comes from within my own beautiful team. 

Some might say, well you are marketing but that doesnt always mean that Marketing Leaders engage their entire team in brainstorms with a goal to find a spark!  One of my most favourite things to facilitate as a leader is a team brainstorm. Why? Because I will never, ever have all of the ideas. Time and time again I am delighted by the beautiful nuggets of gold I may have missed from my team if I hadnt given them the opportunity to shine. 

Take the time to create fun and exciting ways to think outside the box. Recently we ran a brainstorming session that was both individual (getting the team to think quietly in their own minds first) and then as a team have them add to every single thought as one by one we put them up on the whiteboard. As I expected, we came out with three new and brilliant campaign ideas. 

Engage your team – they can deliver creative gold and they will always find a way to surprise you! 

These are indeed strange times where people are avoiding human contact, where disinfectant has almost become the perfume of strength and where we have become anxious and fearful of the world as we knew it.  This is a time of… change. 

Writer and marketing guru, Seth Godin recently summed up his thoughts on our current world saying “The boat is really, really big and we’re all in it. This is a slog, and there will be another side. It is unevenly distributed, it’s a tragedy and it’s a challenge. But we’re in it together and with care and generosity, we can find perspective, possibility and hope.”  

So perfectly and beautifully put… change can actually be beautiful if you embrace it.

Danielle Norton-Smith