With the continued easing of COVID-19 restrictions here in Queensland, we all continue to live in a time of change. Some of these changes have actually made all the difference!

Following on from last week’s blog on the benefits of communication and planning, I am excited to share two more insights around the power of positivity and the ‘no limits’ approach to technology.

Positivity is the new black

It can be tough to stay positive in the world of COVID-19, especially with constant business change, employee stand downs and the economy downsizing almost overnight.  

However, through this adversity, positivity has been a permanent fixture  in my team, even when there have been days where we were feeling anything but. Leaders always dig deep to produce a brave face and during the last two months, I have dug deeper than ever before to find ways to light up my team.  

They are without doubt the driving force our business needs to deliver the outcomes we need, especially in this truly difficult economic time. There are some simple ways to keep a positive vibe in your team, one of them is positively fuelled day starts where there are constant reminders of what is good in the world, in the workplace and in their lives. In addition to this, going the extra mile for your people and finding the time to simply say thank you will mean the world to them. We run a values award program at HTG and it is inspiring to see the number of nominations increase 10 fold. Simply acts of kindness go a long long way. 

Ever heard that saying that gratitude is the best attitude? Reminding your team daily of what they have to be grateful for in fun ways can often lift anyone from just ok to feeling far more positive about the world.

Get creative with technology

As an organisation we use technology everyday. In fact we don’t just use technology, we sell all that it has to offer to our customers and our community. But even we have found new and creative ways to engage with technology across our sales and service teams. 

Across the world we have watched the explosion of platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts. All types of businesses have had to pivot to new ways and communication through the use of technology.  We feel privileged as an organsiation to be in an industry supporting SMB’s and large businesses to completely change the way they do business through technology.  

Whether you use Zoom, Google hangouts, FaceTime or Skype, just to name a few, we are realising that we can and we must find new, creative ways to connect as this has become the new norm.  Not just in business either.  Who doesn’t have a grandma or grandpa adapting to the use of technology just to be able to connect with their grandchildren.  

We may never go back to the true and traditional face to face model and this is not only exciting, it is an opportunity for potential growth and productivity. 

As a leadership team we are what I would call a close, tight, connected group of leaders.  Historically this has meant our meetings have been traditionally together, in a large style boardroom.  Initially when we started to in fact lead by example and meet daily on video, it felt strange and almost clinical.  Yes, it took us a little while to get the dynamic and balance right but now it feels completely normal… the banter, the laughs and the serious side to reporting on every aspect of our business daily, well that’s now just how we roll. 

Give yourself and your organisation a chance to change utilising all that technology has to offer.  Reach out to a technology specialist today to truly understand how you can take your business forward with the use of brilliant technology. 

Next week I’m excited to share more on the opportunity we all have to galvanise our team with meaning and the ability to find creative power and insights from within your team.

Danielle Norton-Smith