Having started working for HTG in 2010 I have seen many changes in how the business has flourished over the years, including the growth of the organisation from around 50 to 160+ friends and colleagues. 


Over the last 10 years the business has always been people orientated with staff being recognised and rewarded for their contributions to the company culture and results. From various events such as Christmas parties, boat trips, go karting etc, to our Quarterly and Annual Awards where individuals are recognised for their achievements.

I have had the honour of receiving both Quarterly and Annual Awards over the years but none meant more to me than the recent Annual Diamond Awards. In February this year, I was extremely fortunate to win the Diamond Award for Sales in my business unit and although that in itself was a great honour, I was flabbergasted to have my name called again as the winner of our most prestigious award, the Steve Pitman Sales Award for
the Year.

Steve Pitman was my manager when I started with the business 10 years ago and anyone who had contact with Steve was impacted in a positive way. Unfortunately Steve passed away suddenly and this was a traumatic time for many of us.

In honour of him, Tim Tocco and Paul Gunther decided to create the Steve Pitman Award to recognise outstanding sales achievement over the year. This award can only be won once and in itself you become part of an exclusive club. There are few words to describe just how proud I am to have won this award, as it meant so much to me.

Our Directors also took the Diamond award winners to Hamilton Island for four days of celebrating with their teammates.  It was such an idyllic setting of Sun, Sand and Sea, not to mention the fun activities that created long lasting memories of an amazing adventure.

Reflecting on my 10 year anniversary and being a double Diamond Award winner, I just feel so proud to work for an organisation that goes out of their way to recognise hard work by individuals.

Our vision at HTG is –  “People come first. Together we grow to become our best”,  and this could not be any more definitive of the culture at HTG. Here’s to the next 10 years!

By John Asciak